Case Studies

Think Healthier

Project Year: 2015 and 2016
Project Timeframe: 12 months
About: Flatiron Media is one of the leading online media businesses in the US frequently featured on Inc500 and Inc5000 lists.
Organization Size: 10+
Company Location: New York, New York


After working with OGO Sense on several prior projects and always producing excellent results, Flatiron Media decided to go with OGO Sense to implement their latest website


We had to put in a lot of thought to all website aspects, from design and features to user experience and advertising options. It also had to be as easy as possible to update content, to add new content and at the same time automate as much as possible so time is not wasted on technical items and issues. Having all this in mind, we had our hands full and there was no room for making costly mistakes.


OGO Sense team accepted the project knowing we can deliver in all required areas. Communication within the team was excellent, as well as good communication with a designated Flatiron Media representative who was available to provide answers at any time.

Among other things, OGO Sense completed the following:
  • Custom views for infinite scrolling.
  • Backend controls for choosing sizes and frequency of tiles.
  • Dynamic loading for ad tiles.
  • Easy adjustment of layout.
  • Automatic content scroller for related items.
  • Recipe management with an interface to a 3rd party data provider.
  • Automated content import from a 3rd party content provider.

Results is a responsive, well designed and dynamic website which allows for easy administration and content updates. Additionally, it does not require any technical knowledge to run smoothly.