Case Studies

erappa2016 on page

Project Year: 2015
Project Timeframe: 6 months
About: The annual ERAPPA conference is a premier educational event for facilities professionals in education and takes steps to improve it each year.
Conference Size: 800+
Location:  Niagara Falls,Ontario, Canada
Conference Year: 2016


OGO Sense has been the primary choice for designing conference websites for ERAPPA since 2009.


ERAPPA 2016 team faced several issues:
  • All staff were volunteers and did not have a lot of time to devote to the website.
  • US attendees or sponsors had concerns about traveling to Canada.
  • A conservative Internet marketing budget had to be used in a strategic way to attract a high number of facilities professionals and sponsors.


OGO Sense helped ERAPPA 2016 team design and implement a new website including:
  • Strategize, envision, and design the new website to will effectively promote the ERAPPA 2016 conference and address international travel concerns.
  • Implement a clean, modern, responsive, and custom design.
  • Provide training and a simple dashboard for easy website updates.


As a result of the website design, OGO Sense helped
  • Present the conference in the best possible light.
  • Inform and persuade facilities professionals across the US East Coast to come to Canada.
  • Attract and sell available sponsorship opportunities potential and confirmed sponsors (exhibitors).