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New clients typically ask us what tactics we use to increase online sales. Here are just a few examples we tend to use on a regular basis. Obviously, you have to ensure that tactics you use are aligned with your business strategy and are executed at the best possible time.

Increase Newsletter Subscription Sign Up Rat

Increase newsletter 
 Website visitors like to hear from brands that provide interesting and actionable information. Visitors are also more likely to return to websites if they are regularly updated with new and interesting content.

Ensure Brand Consistency Across the Website and Social Media Channels

Different social media channels make it harder for online media businesses to maintain brand consistency. We help clients maintain the consistency and attract visitors who will stay engaged with their brand. 

Go Mobile

The majority of website visitors want the flexibility of checking their favorite entertainment websites on their phone or tablet. Anyone can safely say that online media websites without smooth mobile experience are totally useless today.

Segment Customers Based on Their Interest

 Not all online visitors are the same. They have different interests and expectations. We help our clients identify these visitor groups and adjust their content strategy to meet their expectations.

Increase Traffic for Target Keywords

Search traffic can produce a high number of motivated visitors to your website. You may be able to produce a drastically higher number of search engine visitors if you use proper SEO to optimize your website. 

What Is ogosenseMethodology?

ogosenseMethodology is systematic and clearly defined process that helps online media companies achieve their goals. It consists of 5 major steps and ensures that we are completing ongoing improvements with focus on the most important business priorities. This method was created by our chief marketing and sales officer Ogy Nikolic who perfected it by helping MyDailyMoment become Inc500 company in 2011.

To get started, you need to request a free consultation and check if your website qualifies. ogosenseMethodology comes with a 6 week 100% money back guarantee so there is no risk for you.
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Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may request and will receive a refund for all Internet marketing payments you made within the first 6 weeks of the service. No questions asked!

Due to our limited resources, we reserve a right to qualify websites for which we think we could make the biggest difference.