The first step is to generate around thirty relevant keywords. 

Once you have workable keywords, it’s time to sort them into usefulness. All keywords can be separated in 3 categories based on the user intent:

  • Brand (or navigational) keywords
  • Conversion keywords
  • Informational keywords

Brand keywords are the most valuable keywords because they let your visitors bypass all competition and navigate straight to the right page on your website. Examples of OGO Sense brand keywords include “ogosense”, “ogo sense” and “ogo sense maintenance”.

Conversion keywords are the second most valuable keywords because visitors who use them have an intent to spend money on your product or services. They are not specifically thinking of your brand but they are looking for what you provide. Examples for our company would be ‘Joomla website maintenance’ or ‘website design Joomla’.

Informational keywords are the least valuable but are the most widely used. In addition to solving a problem or looking for entertainment, visitors will look for information on how to do something. Example of OGO Sense informational keywords visitors used to find include “joomla site hacked how to fix” and “edit title tag in joomla.”

It is recommended that you start with optimizing your website for brand and conversion keywords first. Then when you have exhausted on your options, you should start focusing on informational keywords via blog and resources sections on your website to widen your marketing funnel. For example, if someone found useful information about dealing with a website hack on our website, they may come back to it in the future for other information and eventually become a customer.

After you have categorized your keywords in 3 categories, you should have your spreadsheet look like:

Keyword Type
ogosense Brand
ogo sense Brand
ogo sense maintenance Brand
joomla web design Conversion
joomla web design company Conversion
joomla web design company Conversion
joomla website design company Conversion
joomla web development Conversion
joomla website developers Conversion
joomla web design services Conversion
joomla web development services Conversion
joomla web development services Conversion
joomla web design services Conversion
joomla web development Conversion
drupal web design Conversion
joomla website development cost Conversion
joomla site hacked how to fix Informational
edit title tag in joomla Informational

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