As we discussed in the previous blog, you do not need a separate landing page for each keyword. Instead, closely related keywords should target a single page. For example, we will show you how we optimized our Joomla web design page for the following keywords:

  • joomla web design
  • joomla website designers
  • joomla designers
  • joomla designer

You will notice that we also did not overuse our target keywords by stuffing them in too many locations. Additionally, reading the content is natural and the design supports the content.

If you searched for “joomla web design” in a private window on at the time this article was written, you would find that our target page ranks #7 which is very good keeping in mind the the competition level.

In summary:

  • Refuse a temptation to use the same keyword too many times on a single page. Placing a target keyword in 3-5 strategic places will be enough.
  • Do not optimize multiple pages for the same keyword or group of closely related keywords. Instead optimize a single page.
  • Do not focus too much on search engine optimization. Having a good business strategy, professional user experience and nice looking design is just as important.

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