The Pet Scoop Field Tech app sends the data to the Drupal 7 database, where the data is further analyzed and used for payroll and other calculations.

Ace Udovicic is a Senior Developer at OGO Sense and in the following video he explains the process of programming the Pet Scoop Field Tech app. He also talks about challenges of integrating the Android app with Drupal.

In summary, the video covers the following topics:

  • Quick guest introduction, likes and dislikes of android development.
  • Basic features of the Pet Scoop Field Tech app.
  • Simple block diagram of the app.
  • Overall process of creating the app.
  • The most challenging part of creation process.
  • Integration of the app with the Drupal website database.
  • Current status of the app and remaining functionalities.
  • Advice for others who are developing their own android app and integrating it with an external website database.

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