Starting on Oct 7, 2016, OGO Sense is glad to offer 30 min Drupal 8 tech support at a reasonable price. You may use our Drupal helpdesk for all your Drupal 8 support needs or only when you have issues that you cannot or don’t have time to solve.

Here are a few tips before contacting our Drupal 8 customer support:

  • If you just have a quick question related to your Drupal 8 support issue, please send us your question without scheduling an appointment. This way if the answer is quick, you do not need to spend any money and time with us.
  • If you know your Drupal 8 issue is more complicated, please schedule a live 30 min session with OGO Sense technical support staff member. Just recommend 2-3 different time options that work with your schedule and we will follow up.
  • Before speaking with our Drupal 8 web support, please try to gather all necessary access info for your Drupal installation in advance to ensure we process your request as quickly as possible. This includes both the Drupal login and your web host login.
  • We are currently not offering tech support for Drupal 7 and earlier. We want to focus our resources on improving our Drupal 8 capabilities.

Following your Drupal website support session with OGO Sense support tech, you will receive a survey asking you how our service could be improved even further.

To learn more, please visit our Drupal 8 web support page.


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