In Feb 2017 we went over 50 websites selling live Maine lobsters and handpicked the top 10 by analyzing their traffic sources, marketing information and ease of use. We also chose 2 wholesale lobster businesses that tell the most compelling story about why they are the best!

Rank # Business Website
1 Maine Lobster Now
2 Lobster Gram
4 Cape Porpoise Lobster Co.
5 Dorr Lobster Co. Inc
7 Lobster Anywhere
8 The Lobster Guy
9 Maine Coast (Wholesaler)
10 East Coast Seafood Group (Wholesaler)

We have ranked the top 10 websites using our conversion optimization score which is based on:

  • Ease of finding the website online.
  • Clarity of the value proposition.
  • Ease of ordering / learning info.
  • Incentives to take action (discounts, coupons).
  • Trust symbols (reviews, social signals).

Businesses that have very good online presence tend to:

  • Choose to be the best on the web and attract quality website traffic in a strategic way.
  • Use a modern website platform that is easy to personalize and maintain.
  • Tell a great story about their brand, work experience and how their business started.

Businesses that are NOT very well positioned to sell lobsters online tend to:

  • Use outdated technology which makes it difficult to implement enhancements.
  • Seem unsure which next improvements are most likely to lead to positive ROI.
  • Be some wholesale businesses or restaurants that attract majority of their customers using offline channels.

In the next several blog posts, we will comment on several trends we noticed while analyzing over 50 websites that sell lobsters online. We will also share several questions you should ask yourself if you would like to use the web to increase your lobster sales in 2017.

If you sell live Maine lobsters or other seafood over the web, here are several ideas on what you could do now:

  1. Request a free Internet marketing strategy review for your online shop.
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  3. Get to know OGO Sense during a free Q&A webinar for eCommerce.
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