50% out of our top 10 websites selling Maine lobsters are using WordPress. We don’t think that’s a surprise and expect this trend to continue. The following websites are all using wordpress:, and The following 2 are using wordpress as a part of hybrid solution: is using WordPress site except for its online shop and is using it for its blog.

You can no longer market and sell lobster over the web if your website is not responsive. The number of mobile visitors is growing and in average you should expect every other website visitor to be on their mobile device. If your website is not responsive, most likely visitors will not want to use it even if they are able to find it. Out of all 50 analyzed websites marketing and selling Maine lobsters, all websites that rank on the 1st page of Google are responsive with more or less mobile usability issues.

More websites marketing Maine lobsters are using SEO in a smart way. We found that about 1 out of 10 websites analyzed uses SEO correctly to reach first time customers in a scalable way. The main barrier to entry is that knowing how to prioritize and correctly execute SEO improvements which takes time and experience. SEO experts can also be pricy. But those website stakeholders who manage to do it right and think long term generate the best ROI.

Maine lobster businesses with a great business story generally do better. First time visitors will not be able to taste and easily tell a difference between you and competitors. But the story about how the business was started and how lobsters are being sourced influences how shoppers feel about buying a lobster. When we analyzed the top 10 businesses selling Maine lobsters, about half of them were from outside Maine which puts them at a disadvantage when telling their stories.

More websites are entering the online marketplace to sell lobsters, but only a handful are winning. Considering that more and more lobster buyers are starting their search on the web, businesses are also trying to improve their online presence. Websites fail when they are not able to attract new customers and cannot increase the average lifetime value of existing customers. On the other hand, websites succeed when their stakeholders know how to prioritize improvements and focus only on those that are likely to generate the best ROI.


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