Are you looking to buy or rent commercial real estate in Portland, Maine area?

We have just finished the process of finding our latest office space and would have benefited from the following list of resources at the beginning of our search:

Rank # Business Website
1 Dunham Group
2 Malone Commercial Brokers
3 LoopNet
4 City Feet
5 CBRE | The Boulos Company

I have chosen those 5 websites based on their ability to attract online visitors, clearly showcase their value proposition or rank better on several other conversion rate optimization factors.

Dunham Group and Malone Commercial Brokers are both commercial real estate agencies located in Portland Maine. They both have a high inventory and decent number of recent sales transactions. They both benefit from reputable brand names resulting in higher brand website traffic than competing websites. Locally they rank high on search engines because of large number of business citations (both online and offline). However if you look closer, you will notice that Dunham Group has an edge in a way they implemented their commercial property search, category pages and individual listing pages. The Dunham Group website does not use an iframe and is perfectly responsive to phones and tablets. The process for their website visitors is much smoother and it is easier to search and navigate results plus visitors can find the same pages on Google. Both Dunham Group and Malone Commercial Brokers received a higher score from me compared to LoopNet and City Feet because I could see the broker who represented the property.

LoopNet and City Feet have a large database of commercial real estate properties and very good search engine optimization for various geographical regions, an opportunity that Dunham Group and Malone Commercial Brokers somehow missed. Since they are specialized particularly for commercial properties, it should be easier for you to process relevant information on their websites. LoopNet brand has a mobile app option so we gave it an edge over CityFeet.

CBRE | The Boulos Company is the Portland, Maine partner office of CBRE, the world's largest commercial real estate services company. Many national and international brands would find their value proposition more attractive because of their geographical reach. Considering that their website is the hardest to navigate and not responsive, we gave it the least score. However, their online presence is still better than other 45 websites that did not make the top 5 list.

In the next blog post, we will comment on 5 trends affecting commercial real estate agencies in Portland, Maine. Additionally, if you represent a commercial real estate agency, here are several ideas that you may consider doing now:


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