In March 2017 I listened to Executive Vice President of Maine Medical Association Gordon Smith speak about the opioid crisis in Maine.

Here are a few facts that terrified me:

  • 378 Mariners died from overdose in 2016, more than 1 per day.
  • Most victims are ages between 18 and 40 and most of them are men.
  • Babies of addicted moms tend to have serious issues assuming they are born alive.
  • 80% of heroin users started with a prescribed medication

So right after the speech, I researched where affected individuals and their families could seek help in Maine and I discovered over 30 drug treatment centers in Maine.

I listed the top 5 below based on how easy it is for patients and their families to find them online and how successful these websites are in persuading their website visitors in contacting them.

Rank Drug Rehab Center Website
1 Crossroads
2 Liberty Bay Recovery
3 Discovery House Comprehensive Treatment Center of Maine (
4 Summit Achievement
5 Skip Murphy’s

While researching over 30 different websites offering services to Maine residents, the following 4 findings caught my attention the most:

  • All the best websites including the top 5 were using WordPress.
  • The search terms are highly competitive. Suggested AdWords bid for best addiction treatment centers was $177.66
  • As I checked more rural areas, the price per click was increasing because high percentage of affected audience lived in less populated areas.
  • Service providers who used ads and prominently displayed their contact info returned calls almost immediately.

If you are a treatment center and would like to save more lives, please let me know so we could discuss ways to increase number of those who choose to use your services. More specifically, you may choose to:


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