Are you looking to buy, sell or lease commercial space in Boston area?

In March 2017, I have checked websites of over 40 commercial real estate businesses in Boston area to identify the top 5 websites based on their ability to attract and convert qualified website visitors. Here is the list is a website that lists the most commercial properties available for sale and lease in the US. It connects sellers with potential buyers and sellers will have very few reasons not to be listed on the loopnet website. LoopNet also comes with a mobile app which makes searching for the right property much easier than using a website. and are two very known international brand names on the market. So if you are looking for established players in the industry, you will not go wrong with them. On the negative side, these companies do not have the best websites for researching commercial real estate. does not even load on mobile phones and does not have a responsive website. But why did I rank them within the top 5 CRE websites in Boston? Well, I chose them exclusively based on their ability to attract qualified traffic and to rank well on search engine because of their brand trust. is the website owned by Boston Realty Advisors. Their marketing team does one thing extremely well. They pay a lot of attention to marketing their commercial listings and their agents. The website also shows up well for different search terms compared to other commercial real estate agencies of their size. They also manage another professional website that focuses exclusively on residential buyers and renters. is the website owned by MANSARD. It is a small real estate firm but they have very professional online presence. I like how they clearly explain their value proposition and show up well in Google local listings although their office is not centrally located. They highlight the importance of partnering with the right agency and how they generate value during the process.

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