As you start optimizing your online subscription website you will start addressing customer objections to signing up. Eventually you will get to the price objection. Recently a client asked me what we could do to minimize the pricing concerns. Below is my expanded list of recommendations:

  • Make a great introductory incentive such as free 30 day trial and 30 day 100% money back guarantee. Then keep your service level promises as subscribers were paying the full price. TimeSolv offers a free 30 day trial option to new subscribers (

  • Improve the quality of your website traffic. It's simply 2 different people may react completely differently when they see the same page. It is possible that you're receiving completely wrong visitors to the website with wrong intentions. Look at how your current visitors 1st find out about your website. If you could get more qualified the traffic your existing pages may convert better.

  • Make your pages more modern, professional and expensive. Every higher priced item you buy comes in a fancy box. That should also be the case with your digital subscription. Experience should be top notch. An example of a modern design is

  • It is a good idea to reinstate your value proposition on your pricing page. It's possible that visitors might have navigated the record you're praising the page so you want to remind them of the main benefits they would gain with your service. An example of these is

  • Offer a free version if possible because it will make visitors think the least and they will most likely try the service. However make sure to block off the key features and benefits so not to give away too much with your free offer. Jarvis Legal offers two subscription plans, first one that is free and the second one which is $35/mo (

  • Create three different subscription plans. Three is generally a good number. The least expensive one should cover the most basic use case. The second plan should cover more professional use and the third plan you may make so expensive so that it makes other 2 plans seem like a great deal. CoCounselor is using the strategy of offering 3 different subscription plans (

  • Run special monthly or holiday promotions for your paid plans. You could promote your monthly special in your newsletter, homepage, on your blog, on your social media and other. This will give some visitors an extra incentive sign up early instead of wait.

  • Offer special discount for target groups on your Subscribers. For example you could offer a discount to other membership sites that would benefit from your subscriptions.

  • Make your subscriptions order integrated with other Online services. This may make it harder for customers of those other services to shop around for lower costs and they may be willing to pay more for smoother integration of what they're currently using. For example, Clio software is easily integrated with high number of different apps, including Dropbox, Quickbooks and Zapier (

  • Improve your mobile user experience. Mobile usage is growing across online sites and therefore it's critical that you provided mobile friendly user interface. Iprotech offers great user experience for mobile visitors (

  • Make a strong marketing claim. For example eHarmony says: Nearly 4% of U.S. Newlyweds Can't Be Wrong.

  • Better explain ROI of using the Subscription. Explain each benefit of using the service. Show case studies of existing planes using the service. If possible insert video testimonials of your clients commenting on your service.

  • Explain the benefits of how the service is produced and being improved over time. Highlight the amazing process improvements you have made over the past time.

  • Offer a discount for annual subscriptions. This will reduce your customer lifetime value but at least you will receive payments sooner and will be able to reinvest money into your business faster. Rocket Matter uses this pricing strategy (

If you would like to add any other techniques that help subscription sites address pricing concerns please post them in the comments below. If you need help with growing your subscription site please see our digital marketing service.


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