Goal grid is an effective strategic tool that helps you understand your business goals on one chart. This can be useful not only in executing online strategy but making sure also that offline strategies reflect these goals.

Goal Grid Blank Template 700 without titleBlank goal grid used for strategic planning


Here is how I use it:

  • In the ACHIEVE square, list all business goals that you would like to accomplish during the quarter.
  • In the PRESERVE square, list all business goals that you have accomplished previously and you would like to preserve during the current quarter.
  • In the ELIMINATE square, list all business goals that you don’t want to accomplish and that you don’t have capability to accomplish.
  • In the AVOID square, list all business goals that you have accomplished in the past that are no longer important to you.

Here is a completed goal grid for an imaginary luxury yacht business in NYC:

Q3 2015 NYC Luxury Yacht Business Goals 700 without titleSample goal grid for an imaginary luxury yacht business in NYC

A few tips about the goal grid:

  • Set quarterly goals instead of monthly, semi-annual and annual goals. If you update your goals too frequently, you will not have enough time to execute your business strategy and meet target objectives. On the other hand, setting annual goals is risky because of rapid changes in the marketplace or opportunities that may present themselves in the mean time.
  • Mix easy and challenging goals on the same chart.
  • Make sure all your goals are meaningful and that your business will be significantly better as a result of accomplishing any of the goals.
  • Set fewer goals. It is good to start with a big list of goals but then be ruthless about eliminating less important goals.
  • Mix goals that will help you both in the short and long term run.
  • Keep a record of your quarterly goals and analyze the history of your progress every quarter.
  • Learn quickly from failed goals.
  • Make sure your team understands your goals.
  • Take time to celebrate success and meeting your goals.

We create a goal grid for each client who uses our agile marketing service. It helps us ensure that we understand the business, focus our energy in the most important places and clearly understand the current business priorities. For example, knowing that the yacht company does not have the resources to expand beyond the New York City area, we know not to spend energy getting visitors outside that geographic area to the website.

Once we develop an idea of business goals in a clear, straightforward way for both us and our clients to track, we move onto analyzing data, which is what the next blog post is about.



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