Within our previous blog post “How To Generate Keywords For Your Business In One Minute” we generated the following keyword list for one of our popular services:

# Keyword
1 joomla web design
2 cms web design
3 joomla web design company
4 joomla web design template
5 joomla web design services
6 joomla web development
7 joomla web templates
8 drupal web design
9 mambo web design
10  joomla web design templates
11 joomla web development
12 joomla free templates
13 joomla website developers
14 joomla web designer jobs
joomlaweb hosting
16 joomla web developer hourly rate
17 joomla php
18 joomla web design services
19 joomla web development services
20 joomla web design company
21 joomla website development cost
22 joomla template development
23 joomla website software
24 joomla webstie hosting
25 joomla website builder
26 joomla website design company
27 joomla web development services

While the keywords above may all be related to our business, they may not all be relevant. To save time and money and achieve the maximum business impact, you must prioritize your keyword list.

Here’s how to generate an initial keyword list for your business quickly:
  1. Think of one term that explains your business service that you would like to “own” on search engine results. For example: “Joomla web design” explains a popular service offered by OGO Sense.
  2. Search for the keyword term on Google.

    Generate a keyword list for your business Generate a keyword list for your business Google Search Results

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