Case Studies

Project Year: 2016
Project Timeframe: 6 months
About: Pet Scoop is a dog poop pickup service in Denver Colorado, providing services to individual dog owners as well as commercial services for apartment complexes and municipalities.
Company Size: 30
Company Location: Denver
Founded: 1994


Pet Scoop has already completed numerous projects with OGO Sense between 2010 and 2016. First, ogosenseMethodology service helps Pet Scoop increase number and quality of local service leads. Second, ogosenseMaintenance helps Pet Scoop maintain a normal operation of its website and third, ogosenseDesign service helped Pet Scoop redesign and migrate its website to the latest stable version of its CMS. With the latest introduction of the mobile app and Drupal based dashboard, OGO Sense became a true digital partner to Pet Scoop.


Pet Scoop had an issue with processing its weekly payroll in a timely manner. Payroll staff used spreadsheet templates to calculate payroll which you had to copy and manually update. Additionally, the communication was not easy among multiple staff who have different access levels and are all responsible for processing the payroll.


OGO Sense created a Drupal based employee dashboard that all Pet Scoop staff can use. Instead of using the paper time sheets, Drupal field techs submit their shift entries via a mobile app which automatically feeds fresh stream of data to the Drupal powered dashboard. To ensure the accuracy of incoming data, we created dashboard alarms and notifications that flag unusual activities. A red flag may be triggered by a shift that was not closed on the same day or by an employee driving an excessive number of miles within 24 hours. The major part of this improvement included a set of tools for payroll staff (Payroll Manager, Pay Rate Editor and Weekly Check-in) and automated reports (Shift Reports, Time & Mileage Reports, Payroll Reports). The payroll report is an actionable summary that the main payroll staff member can depend on for accurate information and pay employees faster and with higher confidence.


Following the implementation of our solution, Pet Scoop improved its payroll processing efficiency by 87%. If you keep in mind that Pet Scoop processes its payroll on a weekly basis and previously it took 1 person a whole day to finalize the payroll, you could easily picture the cost savings obtained with our solution.

Client Testimonial
Improved efficiency with our team. Great communication and timely, customized completion. Keep up the great work!

Sam Johnson, President, Pet Scoop