Case Studies


Alaska Fly Fishing Goods

Project Year: 2008 - Present
Project Timeframe: Ongoing
About: is the biggest online source of Alaska fly fishing products. Their team has been living in Alaska and running a fly fishing shop for over 15 years and they know Alaska fly fishing very well.
Company Size: 5
Company Location: Juneau
Founded: 1998


Alaska Fly Fishing Goods has learned about OGO Sense via another web design firm.


Maintaining a successful Joomla website over 6 years is not easy. Over time, multiple Joomla functional updates, technical updates, and hacking attempts can happen to any website, especially an active, website that gets a lot of monthly traffic like Alaska Fly Fishing Goods.


After an initial Joomla website was created by another firm, Alaska Fly Fishing Goods chose OGO Sense for Joomla maintenance of their website. As a part of Joomla maintenance, Ogosense regularly updates the website, improves security, and decreases the website’s load time. With each migration to the newest version of Joomla, Ogosense ensured the preservation of all valuable business assets such as user workflows and content (articles, customers, and orders). Additional steps were taken to further secure the site, such as creating a different URL for the administrator panel and encrypting all information passing through the administrator area.


A satisfied customer of a website developer can be seen the best in the client’s satisfaction, seamless website operation (on the administrator and customer side), and a lack of technical and security issues. After the first 6 years of using ogosenseMaintenance, the website continues to serve customers and Alaska Fly Fishing Team.

Client Testimonial

“It is a bit hard to narrow down to just one valuable part of your service, since I highly value how quickly your team is available when technical problems arise, the quality programming work you do, and your thorough follow through on projects.”
Brad Elfers, Owner, Alaska Fly Fishing Goods