Case Studies

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Project Year: 2015
Project Timeframe: 3 months
About: Working Cars for Working Families is a group of organizations united to ensure that working families can get, keep, and use a reliable used car with fair terms.
Company Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Founded: 1969


National Consumer Law Center has worked with OGO Sense since 2010 to complete multiple Internet marketing and web design projects.

Problems faced several issues:
  • The website continuity, security, and technical compatibility were at risk because the website used an older version of Joomla CMS.
  • It was important to act quickly and upgrade to Joomla 3 because OGO Sense was ending support and maintenance for Joomla 1.5 websites.


OGO Sense helped in the following ways:
  • Migrating all important content and preserving the links moving from the old to the new website.
  • Adding security related features and functions.
  • Creating a branded and custom Joomla 3 template.


As a result of the technical and security upgrade, continues to:
  • Promote non-profits that provide struggling families with cars and/or vehicle financing at subsidized rates.
  • Improve data collection and analysis to better understand the benefits and challenges of car ownership for working families.

Client Testimonial

“The final result was the one we hoped for and our minimal involvement. Unmatched responsiveness  in the web support world. Expertise and ability to accommodate our web needs. Keep up the good work!”

Svetlana Ladan, Operations Manager, National Consumer Law Center