Case Studies



Project Year: 2009 - Present
Project Timeframe: Ongoing
About: ERAPPA serves and assists facilities officers and physical plant administrators in colleges, universities, and other educational institutions throughout the Eastern Region of APPA.
Organization Size: 500+
Company Location: The Northeastern US & Atlantic Canada
Founded: 1991


ERAPPA initially found OGO Sense using a Google search when trying to find potential designers for the 2009 ERAPPA conference website.


ERAPPA had multiple needs. They needed help creating website continuity, in addition to new website administrator training, ongoing technical maintenance, and periodic Joomla migrations and redesigns.


Since the initial contact, ERAPPA, its chapters, and OGO Sense have worked together to improve and maintain ERAPPA’s main websites, its chapter websites and annual conference websites. ERAPPA and its chapters heavily rely on OGO Sense technical maintenance to :
  • operate their Joomla websites without technical issues.
  • have the latest Joomla security updates applied to their websites as they are released.
  • receive personalized one-on-one Joomla training for their website via phone & screensharing software.


Over time, the professional relationship between ERAPPA, its chapters, and OGO Sense has grown so currently OGO Sense is maintaining 11 websites for ERAPPA. The last released website that is maintained by OGO Sense is and there are many more upcoming website releases such as NNE, NJAPPA, and ERAPPA websites that will continue technical maintenance with OGO Sense.

Client Testimonial

“The ERAPPA 2015 website team are very satisfied with the project outcome. We have been receiving very positive comments/feedback on the ERAPPA 2015 website. We look forward to continue working with you on this and future website projects.”
Peyton Gibson, ERAPPA 2015 Conference