In Feb 2017 we went over 50 websites selling live Maine lobsters and handpicked the top 10 by analyzing their traffic sources, marketing information and ease of use. We also chose 2 wholesale lobster businesses that tell the most compelling story about why they are the best!

Starting on Oct 7, 2016, OGO Sense is glad to offer 30 min Drupal 8 tech support at a reasonable price. You may use our Drupal helpdesk for all your Drupal 8 support needs or only when you have issues that you cannot or don’t have time to solve.

The Pet Scoop Field Tech app sends the data to the Drupal 7 database, where the data is further analyzed and used for payroll and other calculations.

Ace Udovicic is a Senior Developer at OGO Sense and in the following video he explains the process of programming the Pet Scoop Field Tech app. He also talks about challenges of integrating the Android app with Drupal.

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