Case Studies


Project Year: 2013-2014
Project Timeframe: 12 months
About: Pet Scoop is a dog poop pickup service in Denver Colorado, providing services to individual dog owners as well as commercial services for apartment complexes and municipalities.
Company Size: 30
Company Location: Denver
Founded: 1994


Pet Scoop has been with OGO Sense since 2011. They initially found OGO Sense because they had a problem with their Joomla site. Ogosense seemed like one of the best companies to handle Joomla specifically.


The main challenge with Pet Scoop's website was that did not work well with mobile devices. The stand alone mobile site had to be updated separately (in addition to the full version of the website) everytime a change was needed. Also most website pages (example: payment forms) were not optimized for users on smartphones and tablets.


Pet Scoop's new website is designed responsively, meaning it adjusts to multiple screen sizes and devices automatically for a seamless user experience. Improvements made included:
  • Created a responsive website design.
  • Found alternatives to eliminate lightbox use.
  • Made all forms mobile friendly.
  • Improved shopping experience on mobile phones.
  • Increased the website width time.
  • Made the content categorization and user navigation more user friendly.


Related to quantitative results, new residential customer sign ups increased by 28% in 2014 vs 2013.
Related to qualitative results, new customer surveys indicated that the new website is easy to navigate, very attractive, clean, and ‘awesome’.

Client Testimonial

“Ogy and his team have earned my trust over the last few years. They handle situations with integrity and effective communication. They are quick to respond to issues and seem to have a good process for assigning tasks and issues. Follow-up and communication are really important to me so that I know what is happening on their side and they are really good about that. From a work standpoint, I really like the responsive design and now we only have one site as opposed to a main site and a mobile site.”
Sam Johnson, President, Pet Scoop