Case Studies


Project Year: 2015
Project Timeframe: 4 months
About: Delta Kits has helped over 10,000 auto industry customers in over 75 countries generate additional revenue and profit by supplying them with the best windshield repair and headlight restoration products on the market.
Company Size: 8
Company Location: Eugene, Oregon
Founded: 1984


Delta Kits has learned about OGO Sense through Internet research on ways to improve its Internet marketing results.

Problems faced several issues:
  • The former website design was not professional and did not help the business stand out among competitors.
  • The website was not responsive and  one in three website visitors was using either a phone or tablet.
  • The checkout process was not working optimally and required a lot of manual work by staff.
  • Many functional issues prevented OGO Sense from making easy ongoing improvements.


OGO Sense helped make some of the following improvements:
  • Clean, professional, modern, and responsive template that corresponds to Delta Kits branding.
  • Online store with automated UPS & USPS Shipping Calculators
  • Custom shipping options such as applying additional Hazmat and shipping related fees.
  • A single page containing all products w/ add to cart and ability to sort by part number, alphabetical order, and price.
  • Custom, personalized, and responsive layout of Delta Kits category and product pages.
  • Ability for registered users to save cart and create a wishlist.
  • Checkout process with quality user experience.
  • Onsite search engine optimization.


Website results were better than we hoped. More specifically, as a result of the redesign, we:
  • Tell a better story about Delta Kits and improve site conversion rate.
  • Improve viewing experience for one third of visitors who are using smartphones and tablets.
  • Increase search engine rankings on mobile devices by having a responsive site.
  • Improve trust, credibility, differentiation, and loading time with a better website design.
  • Improve user experience, volume, and quality of the website traffic with completely new website architecture and onsite search engine optimization.
  • Provide more personalized experience for different customer types.
  • Minimize or eliminate numerous technical issues with a new online store and professional set up.
  • Allow for faster website improvements following the website release.

Client Testimonial

“The OGO Sense team did what they said they would do, they did it on time, and they did it within the agreed upon budget. The new website looks much better than the old one and more importantly it functions better.”
Brent Deines, President, Delta Kits