Case Studies


Project Year: 2014-2015
Project Timeframe: 6 months
About: is #1 online fly fishing store in Alaska.
Company Size: 5
Company Location: Juneau, Alaska
Founded: 1998


Alaska Fly Fishing Goods has worked with OGO Sense since 2008 to complete multiple Internet marketing and technical improvements.

Problem faced several issues:
  • The website continuity, security and technical compatibility was at risk because the website used an older version of Joomla CMS. Combined with a lot of content and confidential customer information, that meant the issue had to be addressed quickly and completely.
  • One out of every three website visitors used their phone or tablet, and the website was not optimized for mobile devices.
  • The old website design was becoming outdated and inconsistent due to ongoing content edits by different staff.


OGO Sense helped stay #1 online seller of fishing supplies for the state of Alaska. Some of the improvements included:
  • New shopping cart user and admin experience by switching from Virtuemart to HikaShop.
  • A responsive, modern and custom website design.
  • Ask an Expert custom forms (to allow customers to ask questions before purchase).
  • Security related features and functions.
  • Custom shipping options such as allowing Free Shipping for orders over $200 but still displaying paid expedited options.
  • Migration of all important content and preserving the links from the old website.


Website results were better than we hoped. More specifically, as a results of the redesign, 
  • Increased online sales with better designed and more persuasive internal pages. For example, the sales increased by 30% in Q3 2015 vs Q3 2014 which is also their biggest quarter.
  • Attracted additional mobile visitors by implementing a responsive design and making the website more SEO friendly to visitors searching on their phones. As of Sept 2015, one out of every two website visitors is using a phone or tablet to access the website
  • Improved website administrator productivity by implementing shortcuts and streamlining processes.
  • Made more offline sales by providing consultative and expert advice related to Alaska fly fishing and related products.

Client Testimonial

“Our website is now like a tuned up race car. This year I want to let it run and see how well it does. I want to take a break for the most part from working on it and reap some of the benefits of all the work we have done. All indications so far are that it is a winner!”
Brad Elfers, Owner, Alaska Fly Fishing Goods