Case Studies

aapa on page

Project Year: 2014
Project Timeframe: 3 months
About: The Atlantic Chapter of APPA  (also known as AAPPA) serves facilities professionals from educational institutions in the Atlantic region of Canada by providing high quality educational and networking opportunities.
Company Size: 7
Location: Atlantic Canada


AAPPA has contacted OGO Sense after seeing the great work we have completed for other chapters in their region.


AAPPA faced the following issues:
  • Its original Joomla website was developed internally and did not align with best website design practices.
  • The website continuity, security, and technical compatibility was at risk because the website used an older version of Joomla CMS.


OGO Sense helped AAPPA make some of the following improvements:
  • Strategize and envision a professional site architecture that is more intuitive and user friendly.
  • Complete Joomla website redesign and upgrade to the latest version.
  • Implement a clean, simple and responsive template.


As a results of the redesign and technical migration, AAPPA can:
  • Better meet needs of facilities professionals, officers, institutional representatives and business partners.
  • Ensure website continuity by improving security and technical compatibility.
  • Tell a better story about itself to prospective members