Case Studies

mydailymoment on page

Project Year: 2014-2015
Project Timeframe: 12 months
About: is a lifestyle website for women whose content reaches millions of women daily.
Company Size: 16
Company Location: New York City, New York
Founded: 2004


MyDailyMoment started working with OGO Sense in 2011 when they decided to redesign their Joomla 1.0 website.


MyDailyMoment had a Joomla 1.5 website and they needed to upgrade to Joomla 3 (a significant upgrade) and during that process, a website redesign made sense to complete concurrently. In addition to needing to upgrade the Joomla software for security reasons, their current website was missing useful features for reaching women online. MyDailyMoment had a designer and ideas for web page layouts but not the technical knowledge to execute.


OGO Sense took the time to analyze MyDailyMoment’s needs and recommended solutions so the editorial team could insert content without having to worry about layout. OGO Sense staff is sophisticated in implementing custom designs in partnership with in house graphic designers and making recommendations for improvements as needed.

For the website visitors, OGO Sense created features that were fun and easy to use such as special website caching for faster page loading. Custom third party scripts were also created to matched the rest of the website design (so website visitors could have a seamless experience).


Following their website redesign, MyDailyMoment continues to maintain its lead in the online media space generating millions of dollars in annual revenue ($11.1 M in 2011, $22.1M in 2013). MyDailyMoment staff and website visitors loved the resulting website because it loaded fast and sponsors loved that it served ads well.