Case Studies


Project Year: 2014, 2015 and 2016
Project Timeframe: Ongoing
About: Pet Scoop has become the largest pooper scooper service in Denver because they never lose focus on providing exceptional customer service and care.
Company Size: 30
Company Location: Denver
Founded: 1994


Pet Scoop initially found OGO Sense via a Google search in 2011 when trying to fix a technical issue with their Joomla website. Since then Pet Scoop has been using OGO Sense for Joomla web design, technical maintenance, and Internet marketing.


Pet Scoop already had a nicely designed Joomla website when OGO Sense decided to improve the overall online marketing and sales results. While Pet Scoop is an established business in the Denver area, competitors were moving into the space, mainly from online sources. If PetScoop did not going to capture the growing market for dog waste removal, someone else would.


OGO Sense runs ongoing ogosenseMethodology experiments to increase number and quality of website leads. Each monthly experiment consists of analysis (website, social media, existing marketing, etc.) followed by choosing a specific improvement to do. Some experiments included:


ogosenseMethodology experiments helped increase new residential customer sign ups by 44% during the 2015-16 season compared to the previous period. We also maintained the automated bill pay conversion rate at 50% which is very significant considering that most new customers who sign up for automated bill pay will save time and are less likely to cancel. Additionally, the new sign up process also allows for multiple offers (coupon types) and features improved business efficiency by reducing number of phone calls to office manager related to pricing and sign up questions.
Pet Scoop increases leads by 44% compared to the previous 2014-15 season.

Client Testimonial

“We are based in Colorado and so I understand concerns about working with a company from a long distance. I had the same concerns. I've been working with Ogy and his team for over 3 years now and I've been very impressed with OGO Sense.  It started out as Ogy just fixing some issues and has since grow to having them take over the development and maintenance of our site exclusively.
Ogy is very organized and takes care of business and he and his team are very capable and creative.  They are always available and do respond very quickly.  I've rarely run into issues and they always seem to come up with very good solutions when they do. I decide to use them because of their expertise in Joomla, especially. We've been working together long enough, that I do trust them to have our best interest. We are able to regularly have online meetings and it is actually a very efficient way to collaborate and get things done.”

Sam Johnson, President, Pet Scoop