Case Studies


Project Year: 2015 and 2016
Project Timeframe: 6 Months
About: is #1 online fly fishing store in Alaska.
Company Size: 5
Company Location: Juneau, Alaska
Founded: 1998


Alaska Fly Fishing Goods has worked with OGO Sense since 2008 to complete multiple website redesigns, technical maintenance and Internet marketing.

Problem already had a well designed Joomla website when they decided to further improve the overall online marketing and sales results. While Alaska Fly Fishing Goods is an established business in Alaska area with a physical store in Juneau, numerous online stores selling fly fishing gear made their ecommerce site hard to stand out. If they did not improve its online marketing and sales on an ongoing basis, Alaska Fly Fishing Goods would not be able to grow at an average target growth rate of 10% annually.


OGO Sense ran ongoing ogosenseMethodology experiments to increase the online sales. Each monthly experiment consists of prior research (analytics, surveys, available assets, etc.) followed by choosing a specific improvement to do. Some experiments included “Invite a friend & save 10%” and “Save visitor time and hassle with expert shopping lists.”


ogosenseMethodology experiments helped increase the online store revenue by 48% in Q2 2016 over the same period during the previous year. The client was able to convert two seasonal staff members to full time employees as a result of the business increase.
Alaska Fly Fishing Goods increased sales revenue by 48% in Q2 2015
compared to same period last year.

The lastest improvements will ensure that the website revenue continues to grow in 2016 compared to the previous year. As you may notice below, we helped the client grow year after year dispite outside factors such as bad economy or weather.
Alaska Fly Fishing Goods annual growth year after year.

Client Testimonial

“The team was very responsive and listened carefully to our input. They then worked the solution so that it had the best chance of working like we planned. We never felt like we were being hurried to finish the project or move forward when things needed more work.”

Brad Elfers, Owner, Alaska Fly Fishing Goods