Case Studies


Furniture Market

Project Year: 2014
Project Timeframe: 6 Months
About: Furniture Market is a furniture store that sells quality and affordable furniture in the Austin metro area with focus on rustic and leather furniture.
Company Size: 10+
Company Location: Austin, TX
Founded: 1999


Furniture Market found OGO Sense via a Google Search. After having communication and response time issues with previous vendors, Furniture Market chose OGO Sense for technical maintenance, Joomla website design, and Internet Marketing. 


Furniture Market had a new and very professional website running on OGO Sense’s managed Joomla maintenance plan. Creating additional website awareness was the most important marketing goal. Their Austin metro area competition is very strong with many large furniture chains and specialty local furniture stores competing for the same customers.


The first step was to improve the home page’s search engine optimization ranking because we used it to target our most valuable keywords such as furniture store austin. Then OGO Sense focused on improving SEO and user experience for their main product categories: rustic and leather furniture. Research prior to each improvement included business strategy evaluation, website statistics analysis, customer surveys, and competitive analysis.


OGO Sense was able to increase almost all important SEO metrics for Furniture Market’s home page, rustic and leather sections.  For rustic section, OGO Sense increased the number of rustic keyword impressions on Google by 35% and increased traffic volume for rustic keywords by 55%. OGO Sense also displayed more specific rustic pages to visitors searching related keywords, providing a better user experience.  OGO Sense helped rank #1 on Google for both local and organic search for the most valuable rustic keywords such as ‘rustic furniture austin tx’, ‘rustic furniture austin’, ‘austin rustic furniture’, ‘rustic furniture austin texas’. Finally, a specific onsite search allowed OGO Sense to log visitor searches which showed what specifically customers are looking for and then ensuring that Furniture Market had appropriate offerings for them.