Case Studies


Project Year: 2016
Project Timeframe: Ongoing
About: The Community Development Society furthers community work through teaching, practice, and research. CDS provides those who do community work with best practices, networking opportunities, tools, and other resources.
Company Size: 375
Company Location: Worldwide
Founded: 1969


Community Development Society (CDS) has proved that ogosenseMethodology can be successfully used to grow non-profit organizations. Since we started working together with CDS in Feb 2016, every month we have used our methodology to address strategic issues and opportunities such as increasing the number of conference registrations or engaging current members.


Last year’s conference registration did not go well and 2016 conference was around the corner. The CDS executive board contacted OGO Sense in hope to improve the conference registration and address some other website issues such as user experience, design and functional issues.


We decided to first focus on the existing members because we had to prioritize issues that prevented visitors to use the website normally. We knew that if existing members did not fully engage with the website, it would be even harder for new members to engage with it. Some of improvements included:
  • Improve member user experience and onboard new members
  • Promote the conference
  • Tell a better story with the website homepage
  • Improve website blog user experience
  • Increase number of conference attendees


The conference registration is running without issues and the client is satisfied with the volume of online registrations. The new conference page and website home page now tell a lot better story about CDS to existing and new members. As we complete several more improvements, we expect even better results to follow but as of right now, the CDS board is satisfied with the progress.
CDS received 20% more online registrations for 2016 conference compared to previous year.

Client Testimonial
“Each of the improvements has been important and valuable to us. If I had to choose, I think the conference webpage and conference registration form were the most important to me. Last year we had such a difficult time with that process.
Everyone I have worked with have been very responsive and patient. That's important to me. I have to get feedback or input from others in our organization and it can be slow sometimes in terms of getting that feedback.”

Steve Jeanetta, Treasurer, Community Development Society