Case Studies


Commercial Real Estate Direct

Project Year: 2013-14
Project Timeframe: 1 Year
About: Commercial Real Estate Direct provides high-end news and information to professionals in the commercial real estate industry.
Company Size: 7
Company Location: Newtown, PA
Founded: 1999


Commercial Real Estate Direct initially contracted OGO Sense to test and improve their disaster recovery process, tighten Joomla data security and improve user experience.


After the 2008 financial crisis,  CRE Direct found it harder to generate new website leads. The new leads could not be qualified and the  number of them was low. Also, most news became commoditized by then and even many professional organizations found it difficult to justify up to $2,000 per user subscription per year.


OGO Sense ran ongoing ogosenseMethodology experiments to increase number and quality of website leads. Each monthly experiment consisted of statistical and survey analysis  followed by choosing a specific improvement to do. Some experiments included:
  • Increasing search engine traffic by addressing onsite indexing issues.
  • Generating higher interest in the service by displaying value proposition (service outcome) more prominently.
  • Displaying unique and persuasive assets (fortune 100 logo, pdf newsletter sample) on the subscription page.
  • Making it easier for users to register by improving the sign up process user experience and implementing a “Get started” page for those who sign up.


ogosenseMethodology experiments helped improve the most important Internet Marketing Metrics such as:
  • 55% Increase in paid trial users.
  • 80% Increase in unique visits to the subscription plans page.
  • 51% Increase in overall search engine traffic.
The service stopped when was acquired by its latest parent company.

Client Testimonial

“A couple of years ago we were having serious problems with our website, which had been built by a firm that was no longer in business. I got in touch with Ogy and have worked with him ever since. Ogy and his team deliver what they say they will, on time and at the price they quote. I can highly recommend Ogy and OGO Sense”
Bob Ferguson, Sales Vice President, CRE Direct