Case Studies

Project Year: 2017
Project Timeframe: Ongoing
About: The NCLC Digital Library offers a set of 20 consumer law treatises, available as print and online or online only, for an annual subscription fee. Titles cover a wide range of consumer law topics such as fair credit reporting, fair debt collection, consumer bankruptcy, and more.
Organization Size: 50+
Company Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 1969


National Consumer Law Center has worked with OGO Sense since 2010 to maintain its websites and complete multiple Internet marketing and web design projects.


The NCLC Digital Library faced several issues:
  • The online subscription growth was slowing down.
  • Ongoing Drupal improvements were not easy and fast to implement.
  • Measuring ROI was complex because of little campaign tracking.


OGO Sense ran (and continues to run) ongoing ogosenseMethodology experiments to improve online marketing and subscription sales. Each monthly experiment consists of evaluating the business strategy followed by choosing a specific improvement to do. Examples of such improvements include:
  • Increase the clarity of value proposition along the sign up process.
  • Attract qualified website traffic from relevant websites.
  • Implement an option for potential subscribers to schedule a free consultation over the phone.


OGO Sense helped NCLC Digital Library create initial improvement ideas and currently keeps an updated list of website priorities and issues to try to address over the next period. Our client was able to refresh its online perception and increase relevant traffic to its key pages. We are still in the process of evaluating results of initial improvements but preliminary results look promising.