Case Studies

Money Under 30

Project Year: 2017
Project Timeframe: 6 months
About: Money Under 30 is one of the top websites in the US that provides high quality research on credit card options, investment, debt as well as everyday money management.
Organization Size: 5+
Company Location: Yarmouth, Maine
Founded: 2006


The owner of was researching different ways to optimize spending and to increase ROI when he was contacted by OGO Sense chief marketing and sales officer. After an initial free consultation, we agreed to start working together on ongoing online improvements to improve business results.


The financial industry is highly competitive and regulated which makes it harder to differentiate and get ahead. For many times right and sometimes wrong reasons, visitors searching for financial advice and considering financial tools are highly anxious about providing any personal information which makes it more difficult for us to convert them. Additionally, our client was concerned about not making ongoing improvements with positive ROI and falling behind bigger competitors.


OGO Sense ran (and continues to run) ongoing ogosenseMethodology experiments to improve online marketing. Each monthly experiment consists of evaluating the business strategy followed by choosing a specific improvement to do. Before we chose the first improvement, we spent additional time to better understand the website visitors which included additional usability studies on the website. Our initial improvements focused primarily on improving user experience of existing pages and making it easier for visitors to accomplish what they are looking to do.

Usability Study: How to Select a Credit Card on


By running regular ogosenseMethodology experiments, is able to increase business results by improving website usability for existing and new visitors. By the end of second quarter of 2017, we project that will be on track to reach double-digit revenue growth quarter after quarter.

Client Testimonial

“The OGO Sense team helped me conduct user studies and develop a number of interactive tools for my business' website over a period of 6 months. Their work and communication were top notch and an excellent value. Would work with them again anytime.”

David Weliver, Money Under 30