Case Studies

Project Year: 2016
Project Timeframe: 5 months
About: Kalimba Magic is about making music with the magical instrument called the kalimba, or African thumb piano.
Organization Size: 2
Company Location: Tucson, Arizona
Founded: 2005


Kalimba Magic has contacted OGO Sense to request help with Joomla maintenance and support. Following some quick technical fixes, we agreed to expand our business relationship by improving the online presence and increasing sales.


Online shop sales were in decline for some obvious and some not obvious reasons. When potential shoppers complained to the store owner about the online ordering issues, the issue was pretty obvious. On the other hand, Kalimba Magic was not saying the best possible story about itself and the website did not display its most persuasive business assets.


OGO Sense ran (and continues to run) ongoing ogosenseMethodology experiments to improve online marketing and sales. Each monthly experiment consists of evaluating the business strategy followed by choosing a specific improvement to do. Examples of such improvements include:
  • Improve online store browsing.
  • Streamline the shop checkout process.
  • Improve user experience of the newsletter.
  • Complete A/B testing of two new homepage designs.

Newsletter is sent several times per day and homepage is the most visited page of the website. By improving the homepage we were able to tell a better story about Kalimba Magic and make it easier for its fans to process the information and get to the next step.


Following our improvement of the checkout process and shop pages, there were no urgent security and functional issues. Additionally, we improved the website conversion rate by telling a lot better story about Kalimba Magic through its redesigned home page and email newsletter.
Kalimba Magic grew its monthly revenue simply by improving its conversion rate.